Reading Teacher

Elementary teaching program that turns Reading into fun.

Get access to interactive videos, stories, quizzes and printable books that set 40,000+ kids on a straight road to academic success

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Having difficulty teaching your child how to read? Reading Teacher can help you! Children can easily learn how to read with our best reading programs. Our phonics program is designed using decodable books tailored for children in kindergarten & elementary schools.


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Progress tracking

Reading Teacher has individual student
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Don’t just Read it. Hear it!

Two senses are better than one. Our programs use decodable phonics methods for elementary students by playing out sounds for new words and letters. Studies have shown our technique gives the best learning results in the shortest amount of time.

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No setbacks. Even with the most difficult words.

All the materials are carefully laid out and filled with charming characters to make learning (and teaching) a pleasure instead of work. Bumped into an extra challenge along the way? Don’t worry. With hundreds of supplementary exercises, your students will get back on track in no time.

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Comprehensive exercises for the Classroom or Homeschool

With the library of 100 online books and over 300 printable materials, Reading Teacher is the perfect choice for both classes and homeschooling sessions.


Our program includes Quizzes, Cards, Videos, Lesson Plans, Writing Sheets, Song Sheets – almost a thousand teaching resources, to guide you and your elementary schools' students through the best reading adventure from A to Z.

The plans that bring results.

We offer three plan options to give you more freedom of choice.

Catch the wind in your reading sails by choosing one best suited for you:

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