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Reading Program for Elementary Students

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In Level One students will learn Three sounds: /a/ /m/ /s/, Two decodable words: am, Sam, Three special words: I, see, me.
I See Sam Book 1
reading teacher book 2
see sam book 3
see me book 4
What Elementary Teachers are Saying:

Our Elementary students have demonstrated significantly greater reading engagement during the use of your program.

Robert Parker

1st grade teacher

reading teacher

My 7-year-old twin struggle to keep focus. They love to read the story and then listen to it read to them.


Kindergarten Teacher

struggling readers

Easy to Use, Effective, reading program. My elementary students love it.

Samantha G.

Homeschool teacher

reading teacher

Our reading program is designed to support preschool through third-grade classrooms, intervention, and remediation. Our proven, easy-to-use method engages students’ and builds the necessary skills to help children learn to read.

100 Interactive stories across 25 levels and all the supplemental teaching resources such as lesson plans, sound and symbol cards, and song and writing practice sheets needed to teach children to learn to read. Our programs can stand alone or can easily integrate into other required curricula.

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When you log into your account, on the “Manage Your students” you can see the progress of all your students.

At Reading Teacher, we know that each child journey and learning speed is unique. We recommend using our reading placement assessment to identify a child’s reading group or accurate starting level.