Reading Teacher

Getting Started with an Online Reading Program

Reading Teacher is a leading online platform designed to teach children in Pre-K through early elementary school.  It's the perfect choice for homeschoolers and in-school classes.  The program is effective for teaching beginning readers, older readers, or readers of any age. Reading Teacher follows the science of reading philosophy.

How to Start a Reading Program

Getting Started with is easy. The program will help learners succeed in academics as they make their way through school, with its library of over 100 online books and 300 materials to print out.

Have a positive mind frame when it comes to reading and makes it fun. Students learn especially well if they are read too, as they learn that reading is so much more than text.

Educators and Students Fight for the Right to Read

Reading Teacher Best Practices

The best way to excel in anything is to practice. To encourage reading, provide time for silent reading. With the Reading Teacher program, you will have access to relevant, fun, and kid-friendly materials to get you on your way.

Here are some of the best practices when getting started with

  • Focus on Meaning
  • Try to engage kids in reading as much as possible
  • Decodables  techiqnues
  • Read aloud to them
  • Teach phonics
  • Provide opportunities for them to read
  • Teach reading as thinking
  • Model your own reading
  • Teach reading strategies directly
  • Demonstrate the usefulness of reading
  • Always support your readers
  • Match reading to classroom practices
  • Link reading to writing

Why Reading Teacher

Are you worried about how to teach your child to read? Well, don't think too much, Reading Teacher can help you! To help children learn to read easily, we offer the most effective reading programs, tools, and resources.


The Reading Teachers program includes videos, lesson plans, cards, quizzes, song sheets, writing sheets, and close to one thousand teaching resources. These will all help to guide you through the best reading adventures incorporating the entire alphabet.  When getting started with, you will have access to stories, videos, and quizzes to set your children on the road to success. The program also helps you to understand that you are so much more than a teacher. When you are sensitive to the different development levels of new readers, you will see exactly what they need to grow.

Start Teaching Reading for Free Now!

Access Level 1’s four interactive stories and the accompanying supplemental resources to teach elementary students how to read. No credit card is needed. Join the 42,635 teachers and students using our reading program.