Reading Resources August 2nd, 2021

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A big welcome to all our new readers! Our Back2School special is underway and this is our best one yet. Find out what that means here.

Here are your Reading Resources for the Week of August 2, 2021.

There’s a right way to teach reading according to best-selling journalist, Peg Tyre.

“What does the research show? It turns out that children who are likely to become poor readers are generally not as sensitive to the sounds of spoken words as children who were likely to become good readers. Kids who struggle have what is called poor “phonemic awareness,” which means that their processor for dissecting words into component sound is less discerning than it is for other kids.

In practical terms, it works like this: a child destined to become a poor reader and a child destined to become a good reader can both understand the word “bag,” but the poor reader may not be able to clap for each of the three sounds in the word or to know that the last sound is what distinguishes “bag” from “bad.” If a child struggles to hear individual sounds that make up words, that child is likely to stumble when you try to teach her, for example, that the letter makes the “tuh” sound. This becomes a real problem when we ask those kids to execute the neurological triple backflip known as reading.”

You can read the entire featured article here.

Reading Teacher is designed to create phonemic awareness. Children can hear the differences in the sounds in the preview story section to help enhance the skills they will use throughout the story for that specific level. For example, in Book 3, Sam, we combine the /a/ & /m/ sounds from the previous two books to learn the word am. We use the two previous used examples Apple & Monkey to demonstrate the sounds and then encourage the child to sound out and read the word ‘am’.

Inside the Classroom: Success Story: “I love Reading Teacher. I work with students with autism and your program has been extremely effective. It is so simple that my students know exactly what to do every day. There is no guess work for them. I have one student who was barely reading last year who is now in unit two and taking off. Thanks for this program!”

Backup/ Emergency Lesson PlanPhonological Awareness Lesson Plan 

Our friends at have a great Beginning Listening and Speaking Skills course—perfect for Kindergarteners and first graders. The website models appropriate speaking and listening behaviors and helps children see that these skills are used daily. Modeling is the best instruction a homeschool parent can provide! Intentionally and repeatedly using phrases such as, “Be a listener” and “Use your words” during regular daily activities helps to reinforce good habits. Consistency is key in building basic listening and speaking skills. To learn more about this program and the 400+ PreK–12 courses included in a family membership. They offer support for every grade, every subject, every student and are currently offering a 2-year ultimate annual membership for $179 through 9/6!

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