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In Level One Student will learn

Three sounds: /a/ /m/ /s/,

Two decodable words: am, Sam,

Three special words: I, see, me.

And have access these Resources

I See Sam Book 1
See Sam Book 3
Sam Book 2
See Me Book 4

Listen and Read Book 1, "I See Sam."

Listen and Read Book 2, "Sam"

Listen and Read Book 3 "See Sam"

Listen and Read Book 4, "See Me"

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Loved by Elementary Teachers & Parents:

Reading Program

Robert Barker


Reading Program

Our Elementary students have demonstrated significantly greater reading engagement during the use of your program.

Reading Program
Reading Program
Reading Program

Adam D

Kindergarten Teacher

Reading Program

Everything you want and need to teach children to learn to read

Reading Program
Reading Program
Reading Program


Kindergarten Teacher

Reading Program

My 7-year-old twin struggle to keep focus. They love to read the story and then listen to it read to them.

Reading Program

See why our easy-to-use phonics decodable program saves hours of lesson prep and is loved by over 40,000 teachers and parents!

Ready to go Complete Reading Program

No prep time? No problem with our ready-to-go lessons & materials for your entire elementary class!

Our Structured Literacy program

Our proven effective structured literacy program contains 100 Interactive stories across 25 cascading levels with
thousands of downloadable, printable teacher materials, covering all the skills necessary for effective
reading instruction for children.

Resources that align with the Science of Reading for Elementary Students

science of reading
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Developing Phonemic Awareness

Developing Phonemic Awareness Each story, your child will discover/review new phonemes, high-frequency words, and new words. These will be repeated 5 times or more throughout the same book, and then 5 more times in the subsequent 10 stories.

Icons for Reading Teacher

Teaching Phonics decoding skills

Over the course of our program, children will learn over 337 decodable words and gain skills needed to read thousands of other words

Icons for Reading Teacher

The Orton-Gillingham Approach

Each Reading Teacher account comes programed with individual student tracking so each child can have access to their own specific reading track.

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