Units 1 — 3 contain:

  • Animated, interactive videos
    100 stories, 4 per level
  • Quizzes for each story
    80 quizzes to test comprehension
  • Student Tracking
    Track students' progress
  • Printable books
    120 books to print for each phoneme
  • Teacher Lesson Plans
    Step-by-step plans for each phoneme
  • Sound/Symbol Cards
    More than 100 printable cards
  • Word Cards
    Hundreds of word cards showing words in the program plus other decodable words
  • Letter Cards
    A full set of letter cards in capitals and lower case
  • Writing Practice Sheets
    Sheets for all graphemes, capitals and lower case
  • Song Sheets
    Lyrics of poems and songs to help with phonemic awareness
...and lots more.