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Online Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

Online Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

With the Internet at our fingertips, finding the right online program for your reader might seem like a simple task. At Reading Teacher, we understand that finding online reading programs for struggling readers can quickly evolve into hours of research and unnecessary stress. Summertime is not the time to be stressing about your student’s reading success - which is why we’re taking the time to explain how online reading programs can support and renew the confidence of struggling readers.

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Signs of Reading Difficulty


Take a peek at your most recent search history. If “online reading program for struggling readers” is at the top of your list, you may have noticed some behaviors that now motivate your search. Yet when elementary schoolers spend all day at school, it can be surprisingly difficult to assess their reading proficiency. If you’re unsure, read a grade-level book with your child and take note of the following signs:


  • Sounding out words is a chore
  • Recognizing common sight words is just as difficult, even after regular exposure
  • The reader struggles to manipulate sounds and understand how they form words, suggesting poor phonological awareness
  • They also struggle to summarize or retell stories they’ve just read
    • The culprit? Poor reading comprehension, which usually stems from issues with decoding. When struggling readers focus all of their attention on simply decoding words, the story’s plot line fades into the background.
  • Frequently guessing at or skipping words, despite encountering the same words in decodable readers
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Why Is My Student Struggling With Reading?


Understandably, most online reading programs for struggling readers target the most common reading issues: struggles with decoding, sounding out words, and comprehension. Even after their students become strong readers, parents and educators are often left wondering: why did my student struggle in the first place? While no child’s journey is the same, researchers have identified some common reasons for reading setbacks:


  • Remote Learning: The young readers of 2022 represent a unique cohort of students whose earliest reading lessons took place 100% online. The lasting impact of virtual learning on reading proficiency remains unclear, but early U.S. research suggests the long-term negative impact of distance learning on reading fluency.
  • Dyslexia and Other Learning Challenges: In our fast-paced world, reading disabilities and attention disorders such as Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) easily go unnoticed. Without proper treatment, learning disabilities can limit a child’s ability to attend to - and ultimately comprehend - their reading assignments.
  • Mismatch in Learning Styles: Your student may be an auditory learner - but their teacher’s reading curriculum caters to visual learners. Understanding different learning styles can help parents and teachers find online programs for struggling readers that supplement students’ classroom or daytime reading lessons.


Reading Programs for Struggling Readers in Elementary School

Online Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

Especially for struggling readers, establishing a strong foundation in phonics is a #1 priority. The Reading Teacher phonics program includes a library of 100 decodable books and 300 printable materials tailored to struggling readers in kindergarten and elementary school. The first level of Reading Teacher is completely free and grants teachers, parents, and students full access to interactive & decodable stories.


The science of reading shows that phonics are essential for developing phonological awareness: a key building block for lifelong reading. When it comes to reading, research also demonstrates that two senses are better than one. In light of these findings, Reading Teacher’s online curriculum uses audio to introduce students to novel sounds. When students encounter new words and letters, they’ll develop a firmer grip on the relationship between words, letters, and sounds, which is essential for long-term reading success.


As with most things in life, the journey is worth the destination. It may take time, but investing in an online reading program can transform the outlook of a struggling reader.



  • To identify the best online reading programs for struggling readers, adults should take note of poor reading comprehension, struggles with decoding, and other common signs of reading difficulty.
  • Today’s elementary schoolers struggle with reading for a variety of reasons, including a history of remote literacy lessons, learning disabilities, and a mismatch between their learning styles and the reading lessons used by teachers and/or parents.
  • Coupling in-person reading lessons with an online reading program can help meet the needs of struggling readers.

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The Benefits of Online Reading Programs and How They Can Help Your Child

The Benefits of Online Reading Programs and How They Can Help Your Child

There are many online programs that can be used to read with your children. These programs can help turn reading into an interactive experience and a fun activity for kids and parents alike. Reading is important for children, but not all kids like to read on their own. There are also some parents who want to read with their children but don’t know how or don’t have the time. Here are some of the best online reading programs for them!

What are online reading programs?

Online reading programs are a way to use technology to help kids to learn how to read. There are many different programs on the internet that parents can use on their computers, tablets, or smartphones. These reading programs have interactive activities and games for kids to do. The young readers can also earn rewards for completing activities and playing games, which helps increase their interest in reading.

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Why we use an online program for reading?

Many children have trouble reading on their own. There are many barriers that can come into play, including difficulty in seeing words, difficulty with comprehension, or just not being interested in the material. That is why it’s important to find a way to get kids excited about reading and books. Luckily, there are many different ways for your child to enjoy reading and for you to enjoy doing so with your child.


One way is by using an online reading program! These programs use visual cues and graphics to help children understand how words are pronounced and read in a clear way. This makes learning more fun for them and easier for you as the parent! Some programs even allow you to record yourself as you read aloud so that your child can hear what it sounds like when someone reads a story.


Another benefit of online readings programs is the opportunity for parents to use these programs together with their child without feeling guilty about not having time or not knowing how. You can flip through pages of the book while your child listens to the audio and sees the words on screen in front of them. They don't have to be an expert reader themselves so they can focus on listening. And since this is an interactive experience, it will keep both of you engaged in the story. This will be much easier than trying to sit across from each other in silence while one person reads aloud or flips through pages silently while another tries to listen attentively!

5 benefits of using an online programs for reading

If you want to read with your child but can’t because of your busy schedule, there are online reading programs that can help you. An online reading program will allow you to read a story with your child and provide them with more opportunities to read. Plus, kids love reading stories with their parents and will often be more engaged in the story.


Additionally, some children might have difficulty reading on their own or simply need help understanding what they are reading. This is where an online program can come in handy because it’s interactive and fun for kids. You can highlight words as you read or even speak the words aloud if your child needs help sounding out difficult words. Finally, these programs usually offer many benefits, like parental controls which allow parents to monitor their kids' progress, offers incentives for completing lessons, teaches vocabulary skills, and more.

Who can get benefit from online programs for reading?

There are many different people who could benefit from an online reading program. If you’re looking for a way to get your child into reading and have fun doing it, an online reading program is perfect for you! These programs are specifically designed to help children learn how to read and interact with books. They’re also great if you want to read with your child but don’t have the time or know how.


The benefits of online reading programs are many! From the convenience of the program to the assistance it offers, these programs are a great way to provide your child with an opportunity to become a better reader. And with ReadingTeacher, you can customize your child's reading level and interests, giving them the best chance to succeed. Our decodable reading program is designed to help 1stgraders read by breaking words into syllables, phonemes, or letters


The best thing about using an online reading program is that it is available to your child 24/7. So even if you have a busy work schedule, your child can still access their program and continue to improve their reading skills.

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