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Help! I have never used an Online Reading Program

Help! I have never used an Online Reading Program



As a teacher, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting and using online reading programs. The good news is that there are many effective and user-friendly online programs that can support your students’ reading development. This article will provide you with guidance and tips on how to navigate and utilize online reading programs.


Determine Your Students’ Needs


Before selecting an online reading program, it’s important to assess your students’ needs. Consider the following questions:


What reading level are your students at?


What areas do they need the most support in (e.g. phonics, comprehension, fluency)?


What is their learning style?


By understanding your students’ needs, you can select a program that will be the most effective in supporting their development.


Research and Compare Programs


There are many online reading programs available, so it’s important to do your research to find the best fit for your classroom. Here are a few key factors to consider when comparing programs:


Curriculum: Does the program align with your state’s standards and your classroom goals?


Student progress tracking: Does the program track student progress and provide reports?


Teacher support: Is there adequate support and resources available for teachers?


Cost: Is the program cost-effective for your classroom or school budget?


Take the time to research and compare programs before making a selection.


Introduce the Program to Your Students


Once you have selected an online reading program, it’s important to introduce it to your students. Provide a clear explanation of how the program works, and consider providing a tutorial or demonstration for your students. Encourage your students to ask questions and provide feedback throughout the introduction process.


Set Goals and Monitor Progress


Setting goals and monitoring progress is an important step in using online reading programs. Use the program’s progress tracking feature to set goals and monitor your students’ progress. This will help you to identify areas where your students are excelling and areas where they need additional support.


Supplement with Other Resources


Online reading programs can be an effective tool, but they should not be the sole source of reading instruction. It’s important to supplement the program with other resources, such as traditional books, guided reading groups, and other literacy activities.




Incorporating online reading programs into your classroom can be a valuable tool in supporting your students’ reading development. By determining your students’ needs, researching and comparing programs, introducing the program to your students, setting goals and monitoring progress, and supplementing with other resources, you can successfully utilize online reading programs in your classroom.

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Science Based Online Reading Programs

Online Reading Program

Children learn things quickly and grasp the new concepts if parents, teachers, or mentors accompany them.

At least 40% of the children struggle with reading skills. Therefore, it is the need of an hour to invest time, energy, and money at an early stage. This will also help them in overcoming hurdles and weaknesses. Online reading program helps children to learn how to read.


Most of the kids begin reading at school, home, or kindergarten. On the other hand, the parent’s role is significant. They need to build and encourage their children from a tender age. To develop the reading skills, teachers, mentors, parents, and the child all play their roles.

teaching students

The perfect age to begin with reading activities is 3. Beginning at a very young age will help them learn the basics. Small kids have intelligent minds, and they try to grasp new things every day. Their little minds will get all the information quickly, which will enhance their knowledge.

A picture says a thousand words:


You can chat more about the pictures, images, and visuals to point out the matching words. This makes it easier for beginners. You can also add the sounds or the actions to bring them to the main storyline. This is also a way to help plus engage them in learning at an early age.

Parents can also read them to you. Making them relate the words to the pictures, images, and visuals will motivate them to learn new things. This is a simple yet easy technique that can assist you in grabbing new concepts. In addition, the aid of multimedia and an interacting reading session can assist in outperforming what the books can do.


Traditional books have to keep importance but for learning to see and match. This can help in achieving the goal. Therefore, online programs are quite useful. Young and fresh minds can quickly connect with what they see and experience.

online reading programs

Learning through interacting activities:


You can begin by introducing them to the alphabet. If they start recognizing the alphabet, it’s a baby step towards reading. This is a way forward towards the actual words to learn and read.


If parents extend their support to their kids to develop the reading in them. They, through various activities, can make them learn anything. Moreover, their comprehension and understanding can immensely improve with relevant and interesting activities. Therefore, it is important to engage your child in interactive activities.

Using various senses to develop reading:


A kid poses too naturally curious and thus, questions everything. This can be translated into the skills of exploring more about things through reading. Printed texts are available all around you. Make them read the billboards, signboards, household items, and television lines. Besides, introduce them to the word of reading interestingly and excitingly. If they take a keen interest in it, you can make them learn a variety of words.


Whenever you are reading, use your fingers and expressions to make the child understand the words. For beginners, it will help them in recognition. With the aid of actions, you can make them enter into the wide world of reading.

Why Phonological awareness ?

tech phonics

To assist them with it, you can keep repeating the alphabets and phonics time and again. This will help in memorizing them in a better manner. Make them learn in the form of a song, and thus, they can quickly learn it. They will get familiar even before they start writing them. With phonology awareness, kids try to recognize the words with the help of sounds. They try to match the sounds to reveal the alphabets and words.


Words are a composition of different alphabets. Therefore, they represent a wide range of words. With the sounds, they can try to recognize the words. This also develops the skills of making and generating words.


You can spread the alphabet cards and mix them all. Allow the child to pick one of them and recognize it randomly. Nonetheless, it is the best way to make them understand all the alphabets.


Always remember your basic motto is to make your child read and learn. Learning should be based upon fun-filled and exciting engagement for them. The absence of it will result in loss of interest and engagement. Therefore, don’t push young learners too hard; just guide them and maintain a pace. Elements of fun and entertainment can do wonders for you.


How to develop the skills?


Parents cannot do everything on their own. They are not superman to do all by themselves, and therefore need guidance and assistance from a professional tutor.


In today’s world of technology, online programs are vital to helping with reading. You can invest in a quality online reading program. They take on creative techniques to it. In this way, you can be a mentor or a tutor in the form of your efforts and dedication to making it work. Nevertheless, this supports an added advantage that can be very helpful for the child and make it worthwhile.


Online programs give the child access to videos, printables, books, stories, and quizzes. It assists them in keeping on track. is there to help your child with independent reading. This helps in overcoming the difficulties of the young strugglers. It will bring in a dramatic change and confidence in your child. Online Programs are specially designed to support young learners at the early stage. We offer self-paced, fun-filled, and motivating programs for various age groups.
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Summer reading programs are a great way to immerse students in books. Online reading programs give kids access to videos, printable books, stories, and quizzes so they can stay on track with their academic success.


This article discusses online reading programs, their benefits, and the best summer reading program online today.

Benefits of reading

The benefits of reading are countless. Reading helps children improve vocabulary and language skills, exercises their brains, improves concentration, teaches children on various subjects, and encourages imagination and empathy.

Benefits of Reading Programs

When children participate in reading programs, it encourages them to make reading a habit. Teaching reading in a fun way inspires children to become life-long readers. Also, the activities in reading programs can encourage reluctant readers to participate.


Summer reading programs generate interest in books and help children keep their reading skills when school is out. Getting one-on-one help over the summer can help struggling students catch up with their peers and even get ahead of the game.

Why Reading Teacher is an online summer reading program that uses phonics methods. Phonics methods help students learn to read quicker by playing out sounds for new words.


This reading program lays out the material in a way that interests kids, making reading fun rather than a chore. Their program contains hundreds of exercises, so students can improve their reading skills all summer. You can try out the program for free.

Lesson Plans, Resources & Worksheets

The material provided at can be used for homeschooling or in the classroom. With over one hundred interactive stories and over three hundred printable materials, you can find everything you need to help your students improve their reading skills and vocabulary.


On the website, you can find lesson plans, videos, writing sheets, song sheets, quizzes, cards, and other teaching resources.

Reading Teacher Programs offers three different plans. Their free plan gives you access to the first level, and the monthly plan gives you access to the complete program. You can try out their reading program for free, and if you want to continue, you can sign up for the monthly plan.


They also offer an unlimited membership that gives you complete access to all of their material, similar to the monthly plan, but you have access forever once you make the one-time payment.


One of the best ways you can help your children be successful in life is to improve their reading skills, but the classroom may not be enough for some children. Some children will benefit significantly from a one-on-one learning environment and spending extra time during the summer to improve reading skills.


Summer reading programs strengthen academic skills and create a life-long reading habit. One of the best summer reading programs is, a program that uses interactive material and phonics to teach kids that reading can be fun.


The more we read, the better our skills become. Reading also improves concentration, teaches us about various subjects, exercises our brains (especially compared to watching tv), improves vocabulary, and develops our imagination. Teaching children that reading can be fun is the best way to encourage reading habits.

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Access Level 1’s four interactive stories and the accompanying supplemental resources to teach elementary students how to read. No credit card is needed. Join the 42,635 teachers and students using our reading program.

Getting Started with an Online Reading Program

Getting Started with an Online Reading Program

Reading Teacher is a leading online platform designed to teach children in Pre-K through early elementary school.  It's the perfect choice for homeschoolers and in-school classes.  The program is effective for teaching beginning readers, older readers, or readers of any age. Reading Teacher follows the science of reading philosophy.

How to Start a Reading Program

Getting Started with is easy. The program will help learners succeed in academics as they make their way through school, with its library of over 100 online books and 300 materials to print out.

Have a positive mind frame when it comes to reading and makes it fun. Students learn especially well if they are read too, as they learn that reading is so much more than text.

Educators and Students Fight for the Right to Read

Reading Teacher Best Practices

The best way to excel in anything is to practice. To encourage reading, provide time for silent reading. With the Reading Teacher program, you will have access to relevant, fun, and kid-friendly materials to get you on your way.

Here are some of the best practices when getting started with

  • Focus on Meaning
  • Try to engage kids in reading as much as possible
  • Decodables  techiqnues
  • Read aloud to them
  • Teach phonics
  • Provide opportunities for them to read
  • Teach reading as thinking
  • Model your own reading
  • Teach reading strategies directly
  • Demonstrate the usefulness of reading
  • Always support your readers
  • Match reading to classroom practices
  • Link reading to writing

Why Reading Teacher

Are you worried about how to teach your child to read? Well, don't think too much, Reading Teacher can help you! To help children learn to read easily, we offer the most effective reading programs, tools, and resources.


The Reading Teachers program includes videos, lesson plans, cards, quizzes, song sheets, writing sheets, and close to one thousand teaching resources. These will all help to guide you through the best reading adventures incorporating the entire alphabet.  When getting started with, you will have access to stories, videos, and quizzes to set your children on the road to success. The program also helps you to understand that you are so much more than a teacher. When you are sensitive to the different development levels of new readers, you will see exactly what they need to grow.

Start Teaching Reading for Free Now!

Access Level 1’s four interactive stories and the accompanying supplemental resources to teach elementary students how to read. No credit card is needed. Join the 42,635 teachers and students using our reading program.